Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

tangkoko lodge and resorts

tanggkoko lodge and resort.
the eco lodge and resort in tangkoko nature reserve with the best bungalow is tangkoko dove villas resort.
located  near to jungle of tangkoko natureeserve + peaceful place for to relax.
tanggkoko dove villas is resort in tangkoko dua sudara nature reserve.http://tangkokodovevillas.blogspot.com

tangkoko ranger is the homestay with air condition.
tangkoko dove villas resort

Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

tangkoko duasudara nature reserve

duasudara nature reserve,
Backround and description of the nature reserve.
Tangkokoko-duasudara nature reserve [1 derajat 29`N/125 derajat 11`e] is a 88 ha forest located on the northeast tip of nothern peninsula in the land of minahasa.The reserve contains three volcanoes the 1109 m mt tangkoko the parastic ash cone of batu angushich resulted from an eruption in 1893;and the 1351 m twin peaks of duasudara.Geologiests believe that there are still some volcanic activities brewing at tangkoko.River along Batuh putih river to tits headwaters and then skirt the Batuputih-duasudara road to latter village.The boundary crosses from duasudara to pinangunian,cutting to the northwest of kasawari village and meeting the sea again at Batuangus point.Coral reef extent from the taman wisata[tourist forest the eastern coastal area of the reserve.The tangkoko-duasudara area has been famous since the time of wallace,a british naturelist who visited sulawesi in the 1850s for aits abundant and unsua wildlife[ege.g the black helmed megapode,maleo bird].In 1919 the Dutch colinial goverment declared TANGKOKO ANATURE MONUMENT.In 1942 ,the nature protection ordinate established tangkoko as a cakar alam, retained as cakar alam and responsiblelity fell under the ministry of forestry.In 1978,the neighboring 4421 hectare[ha] protection forest of Duasudara was added to reserve. In the 1080s, a 300 ha secttion of cakar alam was excised and declred hutan wisata or recreation forest




Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

tangkoko trips and tour package prices

tangkoko trips and tour packages and the prices.
dauly torr perperson i $ 60 minimal 2 persos.
start tour from mamado city and ended in manado.

prices for perpers in $ 300 minomal 2 person all included.
transportation,ranger,camer fee,3 meals and general guide,accomodation.

Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

tangkoko dove villas resort

tangkoko dove villas resort is one of accomodation in tangkoko nature reserve .

The bungalow and rooms are very big is the best place for junle holiday travellers.http://tangkokodovevillas.blogspot.com