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tangkoko nature reserve tour and stay

generar guide jotje lala.http://fuhrerjotjelala.blogspot.com

tangkoko dove villas resort
tangkoko naturere reserve tour and with us one of the best for you.
if only make tour to tangkoko daily tour.maybe you have one complain that i did not see monkey,hornbill and tarcius spctrum you this is nature not in zoo.But if you stay we gurantee you will see honey spots of animal in our tangkoko nature reserve as like as tarcius spectrum,hornbill,black macaca nigra,king fisher birds,and also cucus but if you want do daily tour you must chose agood guide from manado or from tomohon organize tour here in tangkoko.
places to stay
1 tangkoko dove villas resorthttp://tangkokodovevillas.blogspot.com

bit for you traveller about camera fee.
camrera fee in tangkoko nature reserve is rp 30000per person per entry the jungle  and ranger fee is rp 85 000 per trip.
birding tour is rp 300 000 per day -per person.
fuher information ask mr boby
regard from guide jotje lala.

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